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Soulparks has extensive experience in the design of skateparks, pumptracks and jump tracks, both for professionals and beginners, with the capacity to host international championships, achieving great design, good construction, and tight execution time and cost.


To do this, we adapt the designs to the client's needs, budget, topography, orientation and vegetation  of the plot and its vegetation, with plans, budgets and necessary documents  well defined to be able to carry out the construction work of the skatepark satisfactorily.

We have the ability to design and build skateparks, pumptracks and jump tracks from the first sketches in collaboration with users, designs of small pumptracks to large skateparks or jump tracks, plans for construction, budgets, drafting documents for processing in municipal and regional organizations, computer-rendered images, and  control of construction work until its completion and delivery to the client.

The use of the latest BIM technology in computer drawing allows us to design in a creative and innovative way with precise control of the work to be carried out, the deadline and the final cost of the installation, thus achieving skateparks, pumptracks and tracks. leaps that satisfy their users and that their construction can be undertaken at an affordable cost.

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